The Umbike

The Umbike
August 31, 2017 Umber

The Umbike

Our commute just got a whole lot more zen. Meet the Umbike, our new eco-friendly and health-centric means of transportation.

We’re always seeking new and thoughtful ways to put into practice the things that matter most to us. The Umbike, our latest project, is the newest way we’re engaging one of our primary principals; environmental sustainability.

Everyone at Umber has a collective commitment and interest in environmentally friendly practices and innovations. Both within the workplace and their personal lives, their dedication, energy and passion to these ideas continue to inspire new Umber projects. Our latest, The Umbike, has everyone very excited.

With a sleek, smart, all-black design, the Umbike will soon be made available to all Umbies. Whether it be to grab that quick morning coffee, meet a client, or simply to enjoy the cities we work in, agents will have the opportunity to use our company Umbikes at their leisure.

We love that our Umbikes are a timeless, health-centric and eco-friendly means of transportation, but we’re also ecstatic about our chance to put our modern touch on this ageless way of getting from A to B.