Our Environmental Approach at its Roots

Our Environmental Approach at its Roots
January 31, 2017 Umber

Our Environmental Approach at its Roots

From day one, at our roots, Umber has made decisions based on limiting our environmental impact. It’s our belief, one which we share with many like-minded companies, that the best foot to put forward is one that leaves the faintest print behind on our planet.

We’re Paperless

Traditionally, a real estate brokerage produces page after page of buying and selling contracts, which can be revised a number of times and printed over again until a deal is done. We’ve eliminated this unnecessary waste entirely by adopting a paperless contract signing process. This not only allows us to produce documents quicker and make revisions instantly, but the absolute best part is that we’ve reduced our paper waste by 100%.


We Use Eco-Conscious Products

There’s a big decision that everyone can make and that’s to align yourself with companies, products, and services that share the same environmental consciousness as you. It made sense for us to outsource our signage and business cards to companies dedicated to our collective cause.


We’re Reducing Vehicles on the Street

In November of 2016, we launched Virtual Reality Home Walkthroughs for all of our listings. For home buyers who are interested in an Umber Property, they can now walk through it in the comfort of their own home, in Virtual Reality. One of the best things about it is that they don’t have to get into their car, travelling to and from our listings – this saves time, gas, and effectively eliminates unnecessary automobile emissions. As our Virtual Reality project grows, we envision the impact of lowering emissions to also grow as well.


Our Signage Is Solar Powered

All of the Umber “for sale” signs that you see around are lit up and powered by a solar panel. A small but mighty solar panel is affixed to all of our lawn signs in a sleek and environmentally friendly way.


Our Individuals Are Dedicated to Our Collective Cause

The Umber team has a few fun rules, ones that are happily adopted by our agents, management, operations, and even some of our clients! We only use recyclable water bottles, we communicate and work digitally, we encourage biking as a means of travel, especially to and from our team meetings. We all contribute ideas and initiatives to better approach lessening our environmental footprint, and this way of thinking is encouraged in our team members from day one.


Our 2017 Environmental Plans are Ambitious

Our list of environmental efforts continues to grow from our already established roots. Our team has been working on some unique projects that not only allow us to reduce waste, but to give back to the city and the planet we’re so humbly a part of.