Glebe Ottawa Prefab Home 35 Clarey

On May 9th, we watched Canada Builds drop in their prefabricated home for our clients on 35 Clarey Avenue in Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood.

Hey, Glebe Residents! You may have noticed a brand new home in your neighbourhood that appeared over night. That’s right!

That’s the beauty of building with prefabricated homes. Less disruption, less environmental waste, more efficiency. It’s something we at Umber are happy to get behind. Earlier this year we helped the Radburn family find a perfect plot of land for their dream home project. On May 9th 2017, we watched along with many enthusiastic neighbours as Canada Builds dropped in the home built for our happy Umber clients.

“Dropping in: Umber Realty sets a new home
into an old neighbourhood”

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