Our Journal

  • The Umbike

    Our commute just got a whole lot more zen. Meet the Umbike, our new eco-friendly and health-centric means of transportation.

  • Meet the Umber Client Key Tag

    We recently launched our brand new Umber Client Key Tags. This little key tag gets our client community big things. It’s just one way that we say welcome to our…

  • Celebrating Canada 150 and Our Feature in the Ottawa Citizen

    July 1st 2017 was a proud day for all Canadians as our country turned 150 years old. We were honoured to be part of the Canada 150 edition of the…

  • The Umber Agent Training Retreat

    Learning to support, understand, and guide one another, much like a family. To get there, we must go there together.

  • Our Client’s Prefab Home is Pretty Fab!

    Hey, Glebe Residents! You may have noticed a brand new home in your neighbourhood that appeared over night. That’s right!